Under a shower

Under the shower is a video installation with three elements: a Long1 (name of the fabric), a video projection and audio. The fabric is hanging from a gallery’s ceiling space. The video is projected through the fabric and the audio of the shower is playing. The body is not so obvious because of the fabric’s pattern, highlighting its importance over the body. I have created a contrast by projecting the female body on the masculine fabric. I use the Long in my work as a metaphor for the transition from a traditional to a modern Iran. The fabric has lost its old function and become something new. It was used to cover the body but has now become something akin to a handkerchief.  I had two goals by making this video installation, first returning to tradition with a new look and then returning to the original function of the Long, but associating it instead with a female body rather than a masculine one.

1. The Long is a traditional Iranian red fabric. In Iran, men have used it to cover themselves in public baths.